San Francisco Real Estate Market - June 2018

From Billionaires in Mansions
to Flippers & Fixer-Uppers

A Comprehensive Survey
of Bay Area Real Estate Markets

73,000 Bay Area home sales worth $76 billion
were reported to MLS over the past 12 months

June 2018


Bay Area Home Value Appreciation Rates
since 2011
(the post-crash bottom of the market)

Bay Area Home Appreciation Rates

The county and city appreciation percentages in the chart above were calculated by averaging changes in both median sales prices and average dollar per square foot values. We also incorporated S&P Case-Shiller San Francisco metro area calculations based upon its algorithm breaking the market into thirds by price segment. Each city and county includes within itself a wide variety of individual real estate markets of different price segments and varying dynamics, so these percentages are broad generalities. It is impossible to know how they apply to any particular home without a specific comparative market analysis.