What advice do you have for someone looking to start a career as a Realtor?

Getting a real estate license can be done in a few months, that’s the easy part. Building a business from scratch can be a bit more of a challenge.

The absolute best piece of advice I can offer is to go all in and be the hardest working person in the room. Being a part-time agent will give you part-time results, at best. For the first 6 months of being a newly licensed agent, you are going to feel like you are drinking directly from a fire hose.

This is normal. My advice is to interview many different brokerages and choose the one that will offer you the absolute best-continuing education and support through a strong management team.

This can mean regularly scheduled training classes, an outstanding mentorship program or as simple as having your manager on speed dial. Whatever brokerage you choose, go with the one that will offer the most opportunities to continuously develop yourself and your business.

During your early development avoid getting caught in the weeds by spending time on non-income producing tasks. These will turn into your absolute biggest time sucks.

In all due respect, clients really don’t care about what cleaver typeface you spent hours deciding on or what color the background you chose for your personal website is until they truly know that you are wholeheartedly looking out for their absolute best interest, period.

Nurturing strong relationships and genuinely caring about my clients’ needs ultimately helped me gain that much-needed traction in those early days.

Lesson: Learn all you can and treat everyone like a lifelong client even if you just met them.