Nancy H.

Shawn is the consummate real estate professional.
As we all know, San Francisco is a unique real estate market that presents its own set of challenges to the buyer. Although we are not first time buyers, the market in SF was daunting nonetheless as demand continued to chase shrinking inventory.

Shawn led us through this crazy process in the 4 months of our search and ultimately helped us to land a beautiful Victorian in Pac Heights. He never sugar coated things but also kept us encouraged through some disappointing times when our bids ran into dead ends. He actually told us at the start of the process that we will inevitably have our bids rejected before one is successful.

Another thing that sets Shawn apart is his honesty and work ethic. He has an easy going personality that belies his hard working nature. Shawn will never pressure you to bid or to push you into a property that you are not 100% comfortable with. He understands that this is a relationship and he strives hard to nurture and develop it. There were a few times when we had to call him up just to let off some steam and our frustrations on the way the market was behaving, and he patiently chatted with us. He will tirelessly write up offers, prepare comps, and listen to other broker "chatter" on your behalf. However, if you've bid on a property that does not fit your initial profile, he will gently nudge you back between the rails. We bid on one such property during our 4 month process and Shawn warned us on the pitfalls all while also diligently preparing our offer (which was ultimately rejected, fortunately).

In the end, Shawn alerted us to a property that was initially overlooked and helped us prepare a bid that was below the initial offering price. This is a testament to his diligence and patience. If you want a hardworking, no-nonsense real estate professional with integrity and honesty, Shawn is your man - black belt level quality!

Louda P.

I recently found a home in Berkeley that looked like a perfect start for my wife and I. I called Shawn and within minutes he had arranged for us to see it. That was the easy part. The hard part was the amount of homework he did on the home, the neighborhood, all the complicated rules and regulations that go with owning property in that specific spot (residential and commercial zoning). He asked questions to the selling agent I wouldn't have considered on my own, and ultimately helped us come up with a thoughtful and practical offer. 

Shawn stayed up till midnight getting our bid in order and acted as our therapist through the entire process. Honestly, we needed it. 

His communication with the other agent allowed us more time to get our paperwork in order (we were in the 11th hour with making a decision to submit an offer). He made was could have been a painful experience a positive one. 

The most important part of it all: I really trust this guy. I've dealt with other real estate agents in the past and he's the most authentic and humble person that will work like a badass to get you to where you want to be.

Rj P.

There are not enough good things to say about Shawn, both professionally and personally. I bought a home about 2 months ago and Shawn acted as my realtor. He was a trusted partner during the entire process and someone that I am very thankful that I had by my side. He helped educate me on each step of the process so that I knew what I was getting myself into.

Personally, Shawn is incredibly easy to get along with and will always give you the best advice he can while still allowing you to call the shots. He fits the role of trusted advisor well. 

I definitely recommend Shawn as a realtor and, should I have the fortune to go through this process again, would be happy to partner with him.